16 March 2009

Green Pop Market

just in time to announce the official arrival of that wonderful
life-affirming hippity-hoppity time we call Spring!

the GreenPop Market celebrates all that and more.
please, take a gander...

09 March 2009

06 March 2009

inspired by katie and kittens

new work by Katie Runnels 2009
mixed media on panel
vintage quilt, paint-by-number, christmas reflectors,
trims, acrylic, embroidery

03 March 2009

im offering a completely customizable option along with my new line of upcycled vintage plate pieces... a copper banner (or two) can be stamped with whatever you fancy!

you even get to choose the placement.
hows that for personal?

02 March 2009

old man winter is a rat bastard

im still ignoring him

01 March 2009

its March!

...that means Spring is just around the corner.. no matter that the weatherman tells me to batten down the hatches! a foot of snow is on its way? i beg your pardon, mister meteorologist, but i dont care to believe you...
its a new month, the days are getting longer, and my new line,
like that brave baby daffodil, is finally out from the cover of winter!